Sunday, November 8, 2009

MU vs Baylor


LIKE: Well it's kind of hard to like something about this game, when you lose to Baylor.....not to under mind Baylor, they played a great game, but come on Tiger's, Baylor? The offense came out fast and played well in the first half. I don't care what anybody say, I believe Blaine will only get better with Time, like wine! Don't lose faith in him just yet. Dude is a raw talent. As far as my mans D Alexander, like I have said numerous times, he is one of the top WR in the country. It's a saying "men lie, women lie, numbers don't"! D Alexander 13 rec 214 yd 2 TD! Great job DA!

DISLIKE: DEFENSE (clap clap) DEFENSE! Yes I'm rooting for the D, but I think they let the team down in this game. As a former defensive captain and defensive back, I was truly sadden by the play of the secondary. These guys are out there playing with NO confidence. As a former Post Dispatch Defensive Player of the Year, and being rated as one of the top defensive backs in the country coming out of high school, I can tell you a few secrets on how to be successful in the secondary, and it's really simple. Trust in your technic and have a whole lot of CONFIDENCE! My attitude was always a me against the world mentality, but it paid off on the field. The way Baylor ran through MU defense on Saturday should make the Tigers wish that next Saturday was today! The D should have a chip on their shoulders to where you not only want too, but DO pitch a shut out in next week's game. Challenge yourselves, it will only make you better! I also disliked the attitude of the coaches in this game. Yes it is true that it's the players job to go out on the field and execute and make plays, but it's the coaches job to light a fire under the players behind when he is failing to do so! And if he can't do so, have another player ready to go that can replace him.

SUGGEST: Um at this point, I think that MU back is against the wall. My suggestion is to come out and play every game like it's your last. Like you life depends on it. MU still has a chance to at least have a winning record, but they posses little room for error. I would like to see the coaches let their hair down a little bit and throw the kitchen sink and some at the remaining opponents. In football, being conservative won't get it. You gotta be aggressive in all facets. Let's turn the aggressiveness up!

TC's Tiger of the Week:

D Alexander
13 rec 214 yds 2 TD

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