Monday, October 25, 2010

MU vs OU


LIKE: MIZ-ZOU…lol! The way the Tigers came out swinging and then finished off the opponent as they had them leaning on the rope. The O-line went to work and had a great showing. Great all around team effort to take the victory!

DISLIKE: The Tigers need to take care of the ball better, especially in big games like this. Also I think that the secondary needs to get a bit more physical on the corners. I seen too many times the corners being man handled by the OU wide outs. Other than that, I can’t say a thing…the Tigers did their dew!

SUGGEST: Keep preparing and playing like you are. The sky’s the limit for this team and I’m expecting a strong finish for the Tigers going into to 2nd half of the season.

TC’s Tiger of the WEEK:

The Tigers Offensive Line

Sunday, October 24, 2010

MU vs Texas A & M


LIKE: I like how the Tigers came out punching in this game. Coming out punching is something that the Tigers will have to do for the rest of the season, to make a already good season into a special one. The offense once again was on point and had some stand out guys. Blaine and TJ of course did their thing and Wes kemp came through with a solid game. The O-line has been solid all season and deserve some TC love. The defense was once again stellar. I like how they're playing as a unit and continue to get better as the season goes on. Special teams was solid as well. All around solid effort.

DISLIKE: Not much to dislike, but I saw 1 thing that I disliked, the lack of the run game. We need to let the three headed monster go to work. The more the run game comes to life, the more potent an already potent offense become. Other than that, I can't complain.

SUGGEST: Keep doing what your are doing but continue to get better as a team. Let's take this to the BSC!


Blain Gabbert:
361 yds 3 TD's

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

MU vs Colorado

LIKE: I can say that the Tigers came out strong in this game. Even though early on the score didn’t reflect that with such a tight game with CU, The tigers where still able to play solid football until they put some scoring together. The Defense is really starting to impress me more and more. They are aggressive, solid tacklers and most of all hustlers. It’s safe to say that the D has taken on the attitude of d coordinator Coach Steckal. Steck was always a crazy go getter type and I see his attitude all over the D! The offense got off to a slow start, but Blain and his crew was able to put some points on the board. TJ Moe was solid as well as Agnew, but I’m still looking for that big play threat to emerge for the Tigers. Special teams were solid overall.

DISLIKE: I really couldn’t find too many dislikes. The run game was subpar at most and needs to improve for the Tigers to have a chance going into a late conference schedule that’s tough. The offense needs to produce more and Blain needs to spread the ball around to all of his play makers, to keep opponents off balance.

SUGGEST: I suggest staying aggressive on D and don’t let up. If the Tigers are to go to a championship game this year and have a chance of winning, the D will be the key, so they need to show and step up every game. The offense needs to get more creative and focus on becoming a total unit. Without a big play guy emerging, they need to learn how to utilize the skills of every player on the field. Get everybody involved to keep teams off balance and to keep you unpredictable. Because I tell you, as the season goes on and the Tiger opponents get better, TJ Moe can’t be the only guy making plays. They need the team.

TC’s Tiger Of The Week:


Monday, September 27, 2010

MU vs Miami of Ohio


LIKE: Bottom line, I was IMPRESSED. The Tigers came out on fire and took it to the Redhawks from the first snap to the end. By the look of things the Tigers week of preparation must have went great. A good sign of how your team will play on Saturday is pretty clear at how your team practice during the week. I’m pretty sure that after the close game with San Diego St., Coach P had the Tigers working pretty hard in practice, to ensure they don’t have a repeat from their previous game. I wanted to highlight one stat that I thought was amazing, the Tigers rush game on their first 9 carries accounted for 140+ yards. The reason I say that it’s amazing, is because I was just giving Alabama running back Mark Ingram credit for his 9 carries 150 yard game. Although it was three different Tigers who contributed to this total, I still think that it is impressive and deserves credit. The O line and tailbacks got it done. The Defense was stellar and I like how they continue to get aggressive. Keep up the good work and continue to shape your attitude for “shut down” ball. Defense is about attitude and the truth of the matter is the Tigers will only go as far as the defense will allow them. All around solid performance.

I loved it! Nothing to dislike, have to give credit where credit is due!

SUGGEST: Keep doing what you do Tigers, but continue to grow as a team and build off your momentum. Keep up the hustle and grind and the rest will follow. As I mentioned in the previous week, stay focus on the core fundamentals of the team and you will be good to go!

TC’s Tiger of The Week

MU Tigers

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

MU vs San Diego St


LIKE: First and foremost I have to give it up to the Tigers for the hard fought victory. As a former player I know that you will have those games where you have to fight to the end, and in the end, the better team will prevail. That was evident in the Tigers 27-24 comeback victory. One thing that stood out to me, was the mental toughness displayed by the team for 4 quarters. Once again I was impressed by TJ Moe, which I think in a minute will adopt the name “Mighty Moe” up in Columbia. Not to say that he won the game for the Tigers, but his TD with :51 seconds left in the game is the reason that the Tigers won in the end. I was also impressed by TE Michael Egnew, 13 rec for 145 yds, that’s a great contribution. On the Defense Carl Gettis continues to shine. He made some big plays, but none bigger then his third down stop late in the game. Although the D gave up some big plays, overall they were solid, and came together at the right time for a critical stop to give their team a chance to win the game.

DISLIKE: On the offense I think that we need to open up the playbook a bit more vertically. The Tigers need to establish deep threats that will stretch opponent’s defenses. Let’s be a little bit more aggressive with the run, as well as adding a little under the center play calling. I’m just saying for a switch up and to keep the other team off balance and guessing what you will throw at them next. Point being, don’t be predictable. Defense, lets stop giving up the big plays. The D made some great strides this week, and just like rest of the team, showed some fight to the end. I wait for the day when we can say that MU is one of the top defenses in the country. That will come when the Tigers get it in their mind and efforts, to shut teams down!

SUGGEST: With a stellar opponent coming up next for the Tigers, I suggest that they continue to build on the momentum of their first three wins and aim to become better each day. Don’t take a step back in efforts, when you are taking a step up in opponents with better talent. I look for the Tigers to have a tough battle against Miami of Ohio, but I expect the Tigers to stand strong and make it happen. Don’t get away from your core foundation as a team. Play Ball


TJ Moe 7 rec 119 yds 1 TD (game winner)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

MU vs McNeese St

What I ….

LIKE: Well it was a lot going on in this game to like. I liked how the Tigers came out firing on all cylinders and basically man handling their opponents the way that they where suppose to. True freshman tailback Henry Josey was a bright spot, as well as a great preview of what the Tigers have in the stable for the future. Once again, Blaine Gabbet looked sharp and I was impressed. The defense was solid and as I mentioned above did what they where suppose to do against an opponent such as McNeese st. Overall great job Tigers!

It would have been hard to find something in this game that I dislike. With all the scoring and great overall game by the Tigers, I would be stupid to complain about the way they played this game. Although I can’t think of one thing that I dislike about the game, I can tell you that I’m starting to dislike the competition that MU is lining up against early on in the season. I mean not to knock MU efforts in this game, but McNeese St. looked and played like a high school team at best. I’m waiting for the Tigers to take that next step, to where we see a Georgia or Michigan St on the non conference schedule of the Tigers. That’s how you go out and show the world that you are a good football program, by being able to compete and beat any team in the nation. Enough with the easy teams already!

SUGGEST: My suggestion for the Tigers is to keep doing what you are doing, and continue to get better as a team. Don’t let up and prepare yourself for some tough battles ahead. Keep getting the ball into the hands of your playmakers and keep the defense aggressive. Don’t get to caught up in your first two wins, those are done with, now focus on the next task at hand and try to do a 100% better the next game, then you did in your last victory!

TC’s Tiger of the Week:
Henry Josey (7 carries 112 yards 3 TD’s)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

MU vs ILL (2010)

MU vs Illinois (2010)



With this being the first game, I can say that I saw a lot of positive signs from the Tigers. First I have to say that Blain Gabbert arm looks NFL ready, all I can say is that the kid has an arm to die for (that’s if you really want to play in the NFL as a quarterback). I was also encouraged by the running game. Even though it wasn’t often enough, when the Tigers ran the ball, they got the job done. I was really impressed with the defense. The corners and safety’s seemed to have had a productive off season, not just with weights and running, but getting their minds right and being more aggressive on the edge. If the secondary can play this way all season, mark my word, the Tigers will have one of the top defenses in the conference. O, and don’t forget Aldon Smith on the D line, the guy can flat out go and play football. Last but not least, I like the fact that the Tigers competed for 4 quarters and was able to finish the game strong and with a W!


There wasn’t too much for me to dislike. To be honest, I don’t think that I saw anything that I didn’t agree with or disliked. I’m sure that as the season go on I will find plenty of dislikes about the Tiger’s play, until then great job all around.


Run the ball more and keep a balanced offense along with an aggressive defense. Feed your scat backs with different options, (screens, hand offs, swing passes etc.). On defense when blitzing, please be more aggressive so that we can get to the quarterback or cause disruption in the backfield. This last suggestion will be for every game, “Take the fight to the opponent and don’t let them bring the fight to you”!

TC’s Tiger of the Week:

TJ Moe 13 rec 101 yds 1 Td